Mr. Kalpesh L Shah
An Enthusiastic and Vibrant Consultant.


Name: Mr. Kalpesh L Shah

Education: B.E.Civil {Hons}

Profession:Project Management Consultant, Licensed Surveyor, Consulting Structural Engineer, Repair & Restorative Consultant, Government Approved Valuer

Constorium with the Firm : Associate of M/S L.D.SHAH from 2008

Years with Firm : Partner of M/S L.D.SHAH from the year 1998. 11 Years of experience of Planning, Designing of Residential, Commercial Projects, etc, Valuers, Repair and Restoration of Buildings, coordinating with various agencies, etc.

Memberships :­
Govt. Approved Valuer, Cat. 1:395.
Fellow of Institution of Valuer (F.I.V.)
Associate Member of Institution of Engineer. (A.M.I.E.)
Member for India Chapter of American Concrete Institute.
Member of PEATA.
Member of I.S.S.E.
Chartered Engineer.
Architect I Engineer on Repair Panel of M.B.R.R.B.
Architect / Engineer on Housing Panel of MHADB.
Architect / Engineer on Reconstruction Panel of M.B.R.R.B.

Experience Record :­
Sky Build Pvt. Ltd. -- From feb 1995 to March 1998 for Design.
M/S L.D. Shah -- From 1998 onwards as Professional Practise as Project Management Consultant, Architect, Valuer for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects in Mumbai for DCR 33(5), 33(7), 33(9), 33(10), etc and other place; in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Mr. Kalpesh L. Shah is having a human touch approach during the execution of any sort of the work and dischargers his services expeditiously having utmost prudence and dexterity.

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